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Market(s) Served: Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Ktichener, Cambridge, Guelph

Consider an Intelligent approach....

What do you find when you visit most financial websites? Rate quotes? Financial calculators? Product information? Are all of these websites starting to look the same?

I recommend speaking to an experienced professional. I believe in providing informative, fact-based material that you can really use. As a mortgage consultant I’ll use my years of industry experience to guide you through the entire lending process. Then we’ll determine the best solution for you. Many bankers and brokers tell you what to do without explaining why. That’s not consulting…that’s selling!

Here are the steps that I follow when working with all of my clients:

Step 1) Understanding your needs
We don't all fit into the same size pants, dresses or shoes. Similarly, a one-size-fits-all approach to mortgages is completely inappropriate. I’ll spend the time to understand your individual financial needs, goals and anxieties.

Step 2) Developing your trust
There are literally hundreds of mortgages products available, with a dizzying array of options. I will quickly develop your trust by demonstrating my in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry and my ability to match your specific needs to the most appropriate mortgage product.

Step 3) Demonstrating my competence
Our relationship doesn't end when I pre-approve you for a mortgage. My service includes follow-up with lenders, real-estate agents and lawyers. I follow a "whatever it takes" attitude to ensure that your experience is both pleasant and hassle-free.

*Note to Group Clients The markets served area is intended to assist real estate agents looking for local mortgage brokers. By making effective use of today’s communications technology I am able to service clients throughout Ontario and across Canada through our extensive MI broker network.

Since my business is built primarily through referrals from satisfied customers, your positive mortgage experience is essential! Your mortgage is a big decision and a powerful financial tool.  

I look forward to helping you achieve your financial and homeownership goals!

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